10 day transformation

Personality & Character

Discover your unique personality traits, strengths and your true character in our eye-opening self-analysis! Eliminate all self-sabotage and enjoy life to its fullest by living it according to your own values, aspirations and what makes you happy!

Motivation & Resilience

Discover how to boost your confidence and stay positive, motivated and productive to pursue and achieve your dreams and goals. Say “Goodbye!” to days of procrastination, indecision, self-doubt, and negative influences from other people.

Confidence & Growth

Personal development transforms your mindset, mood and productivity and helps you progress in all areas of life very efficiently. After you discover how to leverage your identity and talent, you can achieve your life and career aspirations confidently and enjoyably!

Self Discovery:

At times life can be very stressful or challenging for a number of reasons, and

this can cause to be demotivated, lost, or constantly tired or irritated. It could also lead to self-doubt and self-sabotage - and feeling like you are not achieving personally or professionally. This part of the program will help to eliminate this negativity from your life, so that you can focus on building and living a life that makes you happy and fulfilled. It will give you a systematic and proven blueprint that helps you transform your self-belief and confidence to achieve your desires and happiness efficiently and enjoyably!

1-1 Business Strategy Session

For a powerful and focused start, your exclusive 1-1 business strategy session (online) is to brainstorm and identify your business ideas and ambitions, create a plan of action with deadlines, and get tips and strategies to boost your business and confidence immediately!

Self & Brand Analysis

Discover your entrepreneurial personality and character and powerfully boost your motivation to become the best in your field! Create your attractive personal brand and discover your unique selling point and strengths – it’s all about becoming confident in yourself and your offer!

Business Structures & Business Planning

Implement a professional structure to improve credibility in the marketplace. Build a sustainable business model and customer journey that is simple to manage and that consistently offers excellent experience to your clients. Plan your business and maintain high levels of productivity at all times!

Marketing Strategy & Customer Acquisition

Selling your services is easy when your branding and marketing is done with the right system, whilst providing unique and highly valuable customer experiences. Design your marketing process according to your ‘perfect customer’ and implement a robust online process to acquire new leads!

Stress & Mind Management

Boost your Success Mindset by discovering powerful (yet practical) ways to tackle ANY challenge, negativity or problem on this journey to long-term success and happiness. After this transformational session you’ll be incredibly confident and resilient to pursue your ambitions!​

Recap, Sales & Celebration

Recap the most important lessons and gain further powerful techniques to acquire customers. Create lead magnets and your own unique product ladder and pricing strategy that bring you customers ready to buy now! In the end, you may be entitled for a great celebrative gift if you have achieved the agreed targets.

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