121 business Consulting

Highly exclusive 121 Business development projects designed to fast-track you to immediate improvements in branding, marketing, sales, product development, digital business processes, and leadership skills. With special access to DiscoverChange online business workshops, regular 121 consultations with Susanne, and done-for-you processes, you are guaranteed to maintain very high levels of motivation and productivity, and achieve your goals and targets efficiently and enjoyably.

"Our school benefited from Susanne's expertise during its inception and as a result of Susanne's support, we have doubled the size of our company."

Abide Zenenga, Founder of Riverside Education

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Susanne Virtanen

Director & Business Development Consultant at DiscoverChange Ltd

​Susanne is a catalyst for change, facilitating innovative programs and projects that are highly rated by her clients and partners. Susanne is qualified and specialises in change management, training and transformational coaching, and she has an international employment and academic background in hospitality management, management training, teacher training, and lecturing.

personalised business consulting

If you're looking to innovate and develop your business with ultimate efficiency, for example streamline your marketing and sales processes and sell your services online, DiscoverChange 121 Business Consulting is personalised to your specific business and personal needs. 

121 business consulting projects typically include:


  • Marketing & Sales Coaching

  • Business Masterminds

  • Leadership Development

  • Public Speaking

  • Sales Funnel Creation

  • Done-for-You Online Processes

  • Creation of Digital Products

  • Done-for-You Online Training Platform

benefits of working with discoverchange:

  • Work with a change management specialist

  • Remove indecision and procrastination

  • Strengthen your unique selling point

  • Maintain high levels of motivation and productivity

  • Boost confidence, self-belief and leadership skills

  • Grow your brand in innovative ways

  • Accelerate digital development

  • Maximise the use of your time and resources

  • Technical training and support

  • Get projects finished and streamlined

  • Scale your business efficiently and enjoyably!

business strategy consulting

Susanne Virtanen provides intensive 121 strategy sessions for leaders and business owners. The purpose is to design a powerful branding, marketing and sales strategy that is immediately implementable in the business.

exclusive business development project

Intensive and exclusive 3-month business development project that enables to plan and build your business strategically and efficiently, along with setting up the necessary processes to market and sell your services confidently and consistently on and offline. Project includes a range of professional resources, 121 consulting, and development activities to streamline marketing, sales and customer service.


"I was introduced to Susanne last Summer. I was at a stage in my life where I knew I wanted to make some significant changes both personally and business wise. I started with the 'Personal Development Coaching Program for Self-Discovery & Fulfillment' programme one to one. I then progressed on to 'Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur' which I am currently in the process of doing.

Suffice to say Susanne has encouraged me, inspired me, forced me out of my comfort zone and regularly given me a good metaphorical push! Her training is excellent, her communication style energetic and she is just generally amazing.

Hand on heart, working with Susanne for the last 6 - 8 months has been life changing and I shall be forever grateful."

—  Anne Wallis, Project & Event Management 

DiscoverChange Consulting

& Development:

  • Half Day Business Strategy Sessions

  • Business Training & Masterminds

  • Done-for-You Digital Processes

  • Done-for-You Education Platform

  • Done-for-You Sales Funnels

  • 121 Executive Projects

  • Group Workshops & Retreats

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