what is business development?

Business development can be described as ‘the creation of long-term value for an organisation from customers, markets, and relationships’. It is about designing and implementing new processes that lead to increased and sustainable growth. Although business development is ongoing, sometimes there is a need for a much more strategic and accelerated approach to successfully implement improvement. This could be, for example, introducing a new product or service, needing a new recruitment or training strategy, or wanting to scale the business through digitalisation.​

get it done now

Whatever you've been planning to do but perhaps progressing too slowly towards it... Our mission is to just GET IT DONE.


DiscoverChange provides personalised, powerful and progressive business development and training. This innovative approach enables our clients to make immediate improvements and changes in business processes. 


The key areas of focus are influential branding, targeted lead generation, improving customer experience, strong online presence, business automation, and scaling.

transformational Business development

with discoverchange

​DiscoverChange business development is focused on transforming and powerfully improving aspects of branding, marketing, sales, customer service and leadership performance.


We do this through:

  • 1-2-1 Business Development Consulting

  • Done-for-You Business Digitalisation

  • Business Development Workshops & Masterminds

  • Business Strategy Consultations for Leaders & Teams

  • 1-2-1 Development Projects for Business Transformation

  • Innovation & Team Building Workshops

Business Strategy Workshop

Comprehensive business strategy workshop to design and refine your branding, marketing, sales and customer service. Now available online!

 business digitalisation

Streamlining and digitalising marketing, sales and service enables scalability and growth. DiscoverChange specialise in creating done-for-you digital processes.

business innovation workshop

Free online workshop for ambitious business leaders ready to achieve their absolute best! Discover how to accelerate your business growth with these proven strategies.

upcoming events

We hold regular business development workshops and masterminds that powerfully accelerate growth and transformation.

Portfolio & Testimonials

At DiscoverChange we support businesses to accelerate change, innovation and development. Our bespoke programmes, consultations and done-for-you systems are focused on improving branding, marketing, sales and fulfillment.

We are pleased to be receiving excellent customer feedback, and in the Portfolio you can find out more about the types of development our clients have completed with us.

What Others say?

"I signed a contract with DiscoverChange because I was struggling to get new clients. We began with an intensive half day session during which Susanne asked me everything about my business and through discussion led me to a clear map of my sales funnel; helped me clarify my product offer; priced up my service packages. Susanne and Edward helped me to create an effective marketing strategy, improved my website, created me a Facebook page and online training platform, set up a lead generation and 121 booking process, and even provided 121 support in my live workshops. They also helped to schedule professional and branded posts, and I got my first enquiry almost immediately. If you run a business by yourself and are struggling to get more customers, I would recommend DiscoverChange, Susanne and Edward. Great job guys, thank you!"


- Ellen Mukwewa, School Improvement Consultant

What Others say?

"It has been a great experience working with Susanne. She has helped me to realise my key strength and using those strength to develop a robust business. Taking up the 1-2-1 business coaching with Susanne has definitely exposed me to a lot of things I can do to turn my business into a success. Susanne is passionate about her work, she is very realistic and focus. Thank you Susanne for being an inspiration to other women."

—  Favour Bolaji, Personal Development Coaching

Business Innovation Workshop for Business Leaders

Now Available Online for Free

Susanne Virtanen, business development consultant and director of DiscoverChange, supports organisations to accelerate business change, innovation and development. In this online workshop she is sharing specific steps to create immediate positive change using a systematic approach and focusing on powerfully improving customer or stakeholder engagement.


Discover how you can accelerate your growth!

personalised support

DiscoverChange business development services are focused on providing our clients the tools to powerfully advance their branding, marketing, sales and service strategy. The sessions and resources are designed to accelerate business change and innovation, so that leaders can highly efficiently achieve the desired growth. Consulting and workshops are personalised to our client’s strengths and growth potential, with immediate development seen in the way that customers are acquired and served. Susanne Virtanen, the lead business development consultant, facilitates exclusive 1-2-1 consultations and strategy sessions, and with her team of highly experienced developers, clients are designed their own tailor-made online processes. Discover more about one-to-one consulting.

Looking to develop your business?

You can now schedule a free consultation to discuss your business needs and growth plans and how we can help you take the next steps and realise your business ambitions.

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