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Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur looking to achieve your business ambitions and goals with ultimate efficiency?

Are you ready for growth right now?

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DiscoverChange provides a range of development, strategies and tools to accelerate your business growth and innovation - making it simpler and easier to grow and acquire new customers sustainably.

Workshops & Programs

  • Personal Development & Self-Discovery

  • Personal Branding & Online Marketing

  • Online Courses, Books & Resources

  • One-to-one Business Strategy & Innovation Sessions

  • Scaling & Growing with Facebook

  • 2-Day Business Digitalisation Mastermind

  • 3-Month Business Development Project

  • Creation of Online Consulting/Coaching Business

What Do Others Say?

"I was introduced to Susanne last Summer. I was at a stage in my life where I knew I wanted to make some significant changes both personally and business wise. I started with the 'Personal Development Coaching Program for Self-Discovery & Fulfillment' programme one to one. I then progressed on to 'Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur' which I am currently in the process of doing. Suffice to say Susanne has encouraged me, inspired me, forced me out of my comfort zone and regularly given me a good metaphorical push! Her training is excellent, her communication style energetic and she is just generally amazing. Hand on heart, working with Susanne for the last 6 - 8 months has been life changing and I shall be forever grateful."

Anne Wallis, Project & Events Management

Free Online Business Workshop

Educative and motivational business development workshop for entrepreneurs and leaders ready to achieve their ambitions and build their business. Discover how to build a business from your passion!

Personal Branding & Online Marketing

Do you have a particular product, business, expertise, specialism or passion, and you want to take your ambition or ideas to the next level? Join our intensive workshop to build your unique personal brand and a sustainable online marketing strategy. Live workshops every 2 months.

Business Strategy & Innovation Sessions

Exclusive and intensive 5-hour one-to-one consultation to create a branding, marketing and sales strategy. Includes personalised business plan, 121 coaching, and technical advice and input on online processes.

3-Month Business Development Project

Online program for entrepreneurs and business owners to build and grow their unique business efficiently, systematically and enjoyably! Immediate focus and direction through exclusive business coaching, intensive online workshops & multiple resources

Creation of Online Consulting/Coaching Business

Exclusive 4-week business development project to build an automated online consulting practice - perfect for coaches, trainers, speakers, advisors & consultants. Includes all technical implementation for online branding, marketing, sales & fulfilment

2-Day Business Digitalisation Mastermind

Intensive business development mastermind held in a remote location, purely focused on creating your own 5-step process to run your business online. Includes creating e-books, webinars, Facebook page and sales funnels - all in a highly strategic and systematic 2-day training session with personalised IT support.

For enquires, please call DiscoverChange on 0121 405 5005

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