what is business strategy?

Business strategy is the design, structuring and marketing of a business concept in a specific way to maximise its potential and success in the marketplace. The strategy should be planned, written, refined and implemented by all the relevant individuals in the business, especially the owner or manager who is responsible for identifying and steering the direction of the business.

Without a clear strategy and meaningful marketing and sales approach, many businesses and its staff tend to spend time and resources ineffectively. It can result in having challenges with sales, cash-flow and long-term vitality. Having a clear and consistent concept and marketing plan helps to stay focused on the most relevant activities to help a business scale, grow or improve in specific aspects. Most importantly, a well designed and implemented business strategy adds value to the customers and other stakeholders.

Don't be the best kept secret!

Structuring and showcasing your business strategically saves a great deal of time and resources in reaching your ideal customers.

DiscoverChange workshops support ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs to elevate their strategy, branding, marketing and leadership. It's about integrating all these processes and creating big influence in your field so that you are well known for what you do! When your vision and system is clear and properly implemented (and this can be quick when you join our workshop!) your ideal customers will be queuing up to buy from you. In our sessions, Susanne ensures that you GET IT DONE, because then you can go out, build your empire and conquer!

Business Strategy Workshop

Now Available Online

Powerful and practical online Business Strategy Workshop to prepare you to achieve your BIG VISION. Business Plan + Bitesize sessions for designing and EASILY implementing your business strategy (branding, marketing, sales, finance). Provides immediate focus and direction for building your business, growing your influence, reaching your ideal customers, and removing the guesswork and confusion from using digital marketing. Time to 'consolidate' everything. Well planned is half done!

Who is the Business Strategy Workshop Ideal for?

This session is particularly suitable for you if you are:

  • In the process of building your business

  • Want to grow, expand or scale your business

  • Planning to launch a new campaign, service or product

  • Thinking about starting a business

  • Looking to streamline your business processes

  • Business manager looking to improve business processes

Business Strategy Workshop £35

 Workbook + Resources + Several Bitesize Sessions: 

  • Brainstorming Business Ideas & Ambitions

  • Staying Productive & Motivated

  • Business Needs, Resources & Expenses

  • Setting Realistic & Achievable Goals

  • Business Analysis & Improvement Plan

  • Powerful & Consistent Branding

  • Marketing & Sales Processes

  • Business Budgeting & Financing

Planning to build and launch your business? Ready to achieve your ambitions?

Growing your business will no longer need to be stressful and time-consuming – you will be given strategies and growth tools that are immediately implementable in your business and life.

  • Clear Vision & Targets Giving Direction and Focus

  • Professional Brand You Can Confidently Present

  • Sustainable Customer Acquisition Process

  • Systematic Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • Financial Acumen & Practical Implementation Plan

What Caroline Says:

"Over the past few months of working with Susanne and Ed at DiscoverChange, I've made more progress with regards to understanding my brand and how to help my ideal clients find me than I've made in the last 6 years I've been in business! Susanne makes the branding and marketing process not only simple but also fun and I've thoroughly enjoyed my meetings and calls with her. In my experience, working with a business coach can be a bit stressful but the DiscoverChange experience has been completely the opposite for me and has shown me a model of working with clients that I hope to emulate with my own. If you are feeling a bit "stuck" with regards to your business, I would recommend getting in touch with Susanne without delay: unsticking businesses is definitely her speciality!​"

- Caroline Bublik, Personal Development Coach