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Business Support

Bespoke Business Support

Since 2016 we have been supporting businesses to strategise, streamline and scale their business online. This personalised support, with regular one-on-one sessions and done-for-you digital systems, enables highly efficient and smooth business growth. These projects include developing automated branding, marketing and sales processes, along with launching a range of digital products and services to your target audience.

"Change is the end result of all true learning"

Business Innovation Project

Building your online business involves implementing strategic and meaningful processes to best promote and sell your products online. To effectively reach and engage with your target audience, the business innovation project is designed to set up these processes within 8 weeks. With strategic planning tools and streamlined and automated marketing and sales processes, you can build, grow and scale your online business with ultimate efficiency.

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One to One


Personalised one to one consultation focused on building a powerful branding, marketing and sales strategy. 


Digitalisation Session

90-minute digital development support session focused on a specific area of your business.


Done For You System

Bespoke done for you system ideal for coaches, consultants and trainers.


Business Change Consulting

Our core mission is to help to create immediate positive change in businesses and their customers' journey. DiscoverChange bespoke business change programmes are designed to maximize individual, team and business performance - creating more Champions of Change! Business Transformation is a systematic process and our tools, training and resources make this happen with ultimate focus, efficiency and enjoyment

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What Our Clients Say

"After working with DiscoverChange I've built my first digital course, and it was super fast to launch it! I started making money from it straight away. It’s been a relief to get all the digital processes, pages and integrations sorted, and for me, it has been the least amount of effort."

Suman Manghra, Manifestation Maven

"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat."

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What Our Clients Say

"The team at EmployabilityUK were looking to develop an online tool for our learners and volunteers. DiscoverChange put together a clear strategy on how this would be done. It has been a fantastic experience working with the DiscoverChange team and the completed project reflects the vision we had for the Portal."


Discover Digital

Blueprint to Build, Grow & Scale Your Business Online

Free Webclass Now Available! Thinking about turning your online business ideas into reality? Digital processes and systems make building and growing your business highly efficient and enjoyable. In this 75-minute webclass you will discover this Digital Innovation Blueprint that can be immediately implemented and benefited from in your business.

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Schedule A Business Consultation

You can now schedule a private business consultation with DiscoverChange. During this 20-minute consultation, we will discuss where your business is currently at and where you would like it to be. Following the call, you will receive a mini-blueprint on how to achieve your vision and eliminate any challenges that may be slowing down your business growth.