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Advance your culture to give your organisation the competitive edge and confidence from investors and key stakeholders

Susanne Virtanen (DiscoverChange) and Sarah Potter (Peer Genius) are the project leads for bespoke Culture Change Programmes.

What is Organisational Culture Change?

Organisational culture represents the collective values, beliefs and principles of the organisation’s workforce. The culture influences the way people interact, the context within which knowledge is created, the resistance they will have towards certain changes, and how knowledge and information is communicated. Business culture is a set of shared assumptions that guide behaviours, and it can be influenced by the organisation’s vision, strategy, leadership, norms, systems, and environment.

Culture change is about enhancing current ways of working and communicating, with a core objective to improve stakeholder engagement internally and/or externally. This requires careful analysis, planning, implementation and evaluation of changes at organisational and individual level. To successfully implement organisational change, the change must firstly take place at personal level, encompassing personal values and beliefs, assumptions, personality and self-development.

Why is culture change & development important?

Cultural change is necessary in today’s competitive market because of forever changing trends and consumer behaviour, increased technology, shareholder confidence and the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent. Measuring culture and cultural improvement has become a legislative requirement for FTSE companies, as investors want to have transparency in how businesses and workforces are being managed – this largely determines how business objectives are achieved.

Changes could be required in:

  • Internal communication

  • Continuous professional development

  • Brand management

  • Structure and management

  • Values and strategy

  • Policies and procedures

Give shareholders confidence in the future of the business

Our highly bespoke Culture Change Programmes are focused on powerfully improving the value proposition towards internal and external stakeholders, giving shareholders the confidence in the sustainability and growth of the organisation. Investors now expect to be able to monitor the cultural change and development within organisations, and we can help you break the resistance to change and achieve your staff and business objectives with ultimate efficiency.

Accelerate Culture Change!

Through collaborating with us, your organisation will benefit in the following ways:


  • Robust annual reporting tool for evaluating cultural change

  • Increase confidence in current and future shareholder investments

  • Elevate your competitive edge in emerging markets

  • Digital personal development tool and resources for all staff

  • Improved employee life-cycle metrics

  • Enhance your reputation as the ‘Employer of Choice’

  • Manage and minimise conflict with increased collaboration

Bespoke Culture Change Tailored for Your Organisation’s Journey

Cultural development projects are highly bespoke and designed to get the best out of your organisation in your particular market. To achieve this, our bespoke projects include:

  • Organisational culture analysis

  • Personality analyses

  • C-Suite engagement

  • Leadership development

  • Employee development

  • Communication strategy

  • Digital culture evaluation tool

  • Train the trainer workshops

  • Online reputation management platform

Our Testimonials

I attended DiscoverChange Workshop about unleashing your potential. The session was excellent and I feel more confident. Before today I wasn’t sure about my goals but now, I know I need to set time limits. Sometimes it’s challenging for me to manage my feelings, and now I’ve realised that I need to take control. The most useful part for me was 4 A’s of accelerated growth, because I learned something new. As a facilitator, Susanne is very talented and thought provoking.  The session could be better if it was longer!

Ross Campbell, RCGP Scotland

I attended DiscoverChange Workshop about Unleashing My Potential. The session was interesting and I feel I have got to know my colleagues better. Before today I wasn’t sure about my colleague’s personalities but now, I know how to take them. The most useful part for me was hearing the different personality types, because I didn’t realise there were so many. I am determined to explore my own personality. As a facilitator, Susanne is brilliant at explaining everything.

Sheri Gorman, Faculties & Memberships

I attended DiscoverChange Workshop about Unleash Your Potential. The session was great and I feel motivated. Before today I wasn’t sure about what the benefits would be but now, I know my personality is different than I thought. Sometimes it’s challenging for me to express myself accurately, and now I’ve realised that I can do this with intent. The most useful part for me was mini life assessment and failure cycle, because I can see what I need to change. I am determined to make that change! As a facilitator, Susanne is brilliant, interesting, intelligent and thought provoking.

Samantha Self, Faculties & Membership

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Susanne Virtanen & discoverchange

Susanne Virtanen is the Director & Business Development Consultant of DiscoverChange, specialising in accelerating business change, innovation and development. Susanne is qualified in change management, training and teaching and she has a first-class management degree studied across four countries. Susanne has extensive experience in facilitating complex team and leadership development programmes, inclusive of a range of live and digital activities for accelerating personal, team and organisational change. She has a proven track record in delivering large organisations to implement changes with ultimate efficiency and enjoyment. Susanne also delivers talks and workshops at renowned UK universities and business conferences, with true passion and high energy to create positive change!

Sarah Potter & Peer Genius

Sarah Potter is the Founder & Director of Peer Genius, and her vision is to challenge the status quo, connect like-minded people and embrace smarter and digital ways of working. Sarah has extensive working background in Human Resources and Talent Management and she has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Level 7 ILM in Executive Coaching. Sarah is passionate about supporting leaders to develop robust personal and professional growth strategies and she is a business mentor at Birmingham City University and for Institute of Directors and she’s also actively involved in working with CIPD as a Networking Project Lead.

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