What is Digitalisation?

Digitalisation is about creating digital processes to interact with your leads, prospects and clients. Projects include bespoke support from DiscoverChange Development team to create and implement an automated marketing, sales and fulfilment system for your organisation. Depending on your business needs and vision, this includes online lead generation, online training platform creation, digital information products, automating induction and training, marketing automation, rebranding and customer service automation.

Business Innovation Workshop for Business Leaders

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Susanne Virtanen, business development consultant and director of DiscoverChange, supports organisations to accelerate business change, innovation and development. In this online workshop she is sharing specific steps to create immediate positive change using a systematic approach and focusing on powerfully improving customer or stakeholder engagement.


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done-for-you system removes all the guesswork

Done-for-You System means that your new digital business processes and systems are implemented on your behalf, without you having to learn how to comprehensively use a new software or platform. After an intensive business strategy meeting and fully understanding your needs and business vision, DiscoverChange team takes the development to their expert hands. You will have your new branding, marketing, sales and training processes in place in a matter of weeks.

digital process or platform could be:

  • An online subscription and automated follow-up process

  • Facebook branding and advertising

  • Creative methods to get members for your programs

  • 24/7 Messenger marketing process to sell services

  • Branded online training or coaching platform with courses

  • Ways to share and sell digital resources, such as e-books and audios

  • An online sales funnel and process bringing qualified leads

  • And more!

Done-for-You Digitalisation Packages:

Having digital processes in place helps to improve online presence and searchability, adds competitive advantage, generates qualified leads, and enables scalability, even international growth!

After your personalised 121 consultation session and business needs analysis, DiscoverChange team will design and create your desired branded platforms based on your business targets and requirements.

Packages Include:

  • Branded Website

  • Subscription Service

  • Online Sales Funnels

  • Online Training Platform

  • Facebook Page Creation

  • LinkedIn Profile Creation

  • Messenger Marketing

free masterclass:

digitalise your coaching

Susanne Virtanen, the lead consultant, has worked with many coaches, consultants and trainers providing strategic guidance in the areas of branding, marketing, sales and service delivery. Development is focused on streamlining processes and automating sales through digitalisation.

Ideal for consultants, trainers and coaches that have specialist knowledge or expertise, and who have proven experience in helping businesses or customers achieve positive change.


Reviewing branding workshop


"Today’s workshop with Susanne was about branding and online marketing, and the session was energising and focused. Before today I wasn’t sure how to connect with my clients, but now I know how to be clear about what value I offer. Sometimes it’s challenging for me to focus and be strategic, and I’ve now realised that systems and processes are my friends. The most useful was to get clearer on the client’s perspective. I feel like I’ve learnt more in one day than in many of the programs I’ve invested in before. Massive thank you Susanne, I give full 5 stars and recommend this to others!" 

Caroline Bublik, Life Coaching

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our services

DiscoverChange provides personalised, powerful and progressive business development and training. This innovative approach enables our clients to make immediate improvements and changes in business processes.

Our services include:

  • Bespoke Business Development

  • One-to-One Business Consulting

  • Change Management Programmes

  • Digital Development & Training

  • Workshops & Retreats

  • Done for your Digital Education Platform