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Employees discover how to leverage their unique personality and powerfully advance their self-awareness, workplace effectiveness, communication skills, problem-solving ability and career development potential. Insightful personality assessments (MBTI) and thorough analyses provide individuals with practical and relevant targets for optimising performance; these assessments and personal development plans are proven particularly useful in performance reviews, coaching sessions, candidate selection, team building, team creation, career development and promotions.

"I’ve attended a lot of seminars, but during DiscoverChange leadership development workshop I actually got a lot of new ideas and innovative solutions. My managers feel a lot closer to me now and I understand them better. Before I wasn’t sure how to manage
them more effectively, but now I’ve got many more strategies to
use, especially in conflict situations. It was very beneficial to
learn how to provide developmental and 1-1 feedback to my staff,
because I’m not that good at it. I give full 5 stars for the facilitator
Susanne and would recommend this to other leaders."

Jarmo Valtari, CEO of Sun City Bakers


Employees discover how to advance workplace performance and effectiveness through reflecting on personality analyses and creating development plans to build on strengths and talent, but also to eliminate or minimise challenges potentially preventing the provision of excellent customer service. Interactive and enjoyable workshop for creating a practical and immediately implementable strategy for professional development that contributes towards achieving specific organisational goals. Employee development workshops are the most effective when combined with soft skills development sessions.


Individuals in teams are provided personality (MBTI) and team role (Belbin) assessments that help to efficiently identify and leverage natural talent and growth potential in best suited roles and responsibilities – helping to maximise job satisfaction, team productivity and effective collaboration. Team Building sessions are particularly suitable for teams that are being formed or where responsibilities are changing or increasing, helping teams to collaborate on resolving current challenges and in implementing practical and systematic plans and work patterns that eliminate procrastination, inefficiency and workplace stress.


  • Personalised and powerful 1-1 coaching

  • Normally conducted with leaders and key staff members

  • Reflect on personal and team performance

  • Efficiently identify and address areas of development

  • Create a personalised plan to manage change

  • Resolve challenges or conflicts


Leaders are provided robust self and organisational development tools, concepts and support that are proven to transform and optimise team performance, motivation, collaboration, and openness to change. Leaders will benefit from a range of analyses that advance awareness on leadership style and potential, allowing to build an authentic and highly efficient people development approach. Further bespoke workshops are tailored to address specific development areas, such as performance management, productivity, customer service and business growth.

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