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DiscoverChange Ltd offers bespoke and powerful business development and mentoring options for leaders, businesses and entrepreneurs:

  • Free Motivational Business Workshop 

  • Online Business Training Workshops

  • 121 Business Mentoring & Development Program

  • Powerful Strategy Sessions

  • Personal Development Coaching

  • Leadership Consulting

All options include a variety of professional resources, such as workshops, professional self-analyses, 121 support, email support, workbooks and planning tools, audios and practical IT related training.

FREE Motivational Online Business Workshop - Now Available!

Discover how to make your business ambitions your reality and join our highly impactful online business workshop.

You will discover:

  • How to make your ideas into a business

  • How to motivate yourself for success

  • How to build your business systematically

  • How to leverage your passion and strengths

And much more!


"I have just attended DiscoverChange Ltd Business Workshop and it was amazingly helpful. It has been a day of discovering me and what I can achieve this year. Before this training I wasn’t sure how I was going to put things into motion in my business, and I felt overcome and confused by all the information pouring into my brain. However, now I have discovered how to break my goals and ideas into small steps that I can easily work with. I just want to say thank you Susanne – I can now move forward with goals and more importantly I know I can achieve much more in my personal and business life."

Hazel G

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