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Accelerate Business Innovation & Digitalisation

We provide a range of innovative business development and digitalisation solutions that help to fast-track the development of online branding, marketing, sales, fulfillment and provision of online education and training.

Topics Include:

  • Spice Up Your Branding

  • Digitalise Your Customer Welcome

  • How to Create a Progressive Product Ladder Online

  • Building Business Relationships

How to Create an Online Course or Programme

Have you been planning to launch an online course or programme?

Providing structured and inspiring content, courses and resources to your customers is a great way to add value and be available 24/7! The way the business world is now going, having your “online hub” or some kind of content is vital so that your customers can get that all-important “taster session” with you. It’s easier than you think to get it done.

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"Today's mastermind was very informative and beneficial for me.  It has given me the motivation to just get something done no matter how small - JUST DO IT!!  The most beneficial thing I learnt was that I am not alone.  Also, the marketing tips from Sarah were brilliant - very informative and easy to do.  Thank you for this much-needed push in the right direction."

- Janet Ellis

Spice Up Your Branding & Packaging!

Thinking about launching a new online product or service soon? Let’s create an attractive and exciting offer for your customers!

In this productive session, the focus is on developing and showing your valuable brand and product/service packaging with attractive images and graphics – using free online tools. If you’re in the process of developing a new product or service and looking to promote or scale it online, this session is perfect for putting together the final launch plan and giving the Wow factor to your posts and campaigns! Develop your ideas and solutions NOW – people are open to investing in new opportunities and solutions like yours.

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"Today's session has been of great value. A lot of extremely useful information. Many nuggets to take away. Actions to be taken for me to move forward. Thanks very much for this session, Susanne, Nessa. Liked Sarah's points for using LinkedIn."

- Carmen Howard

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