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DiscoverChange team is dedicated to supporting businesses to innovate, digitalise, and transform.

You can accelerate your business growth through our online courses, Evolving Leaders membership, 1:1 consulting and done-for-you business systems.

What is discoverchange?

Business Development Consultancy

Helping Leaders to Accelerate Business Change & Innovation

DiscoverChange specialises in providing bespoke business change and development solutions to support businesses to advance branding, lead generation and business digitalisation. Our innovative approach enables you to achieve your business vision with ultimate efficiency and enjoyment.

business innovation workshop

Free online business workshop to create immediate positive change and growth – and importantly to reach your ideal clients or partners. Business innovation is about doing things better and more efficiently, so that you can get the BEST out of you and your business!

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Accelerate your business change, innovation and development in our highly motivational business development workshops and masterminds.


Innovate on strategy, business improvement and customer acquisition with bespoke 121 business consulting and development.


Scale the business with digital branding, marketing, sales and service processes. We specialise in creating efficient systems that transform your business. 


Transform and powerfully advance stakeholder engagement and organisational culture with bespoke change management projects facilitated by Susanne.

Examples of Our Projects

  • Monthly business development workshops (London & Birmingham)

  • Innovative leadership development workshops for managers

  • Motivational entrepreneurship courses for students

  • Consulting microbusinesses on marketing and sales

  • Creation of done-for-you sales funnels for online customer acquisition

  • Creation of online training platforms for small businesses

  • Volunteering in community development projects

"Having spent time in a number of workshops, it’s evident Susanne can work with any audience and can successfully lead the groups. Susanne is a social philanthropist, and I have no hesitation in recommending her training opportunities."

Dr Asia Alder

Reader at Manchester Metropolitan University

motivational speaking by susanne virtanen

The lead business development consultant Susanne Virtanen facilitates powerful workshops and delivers inspirational keynotes at business events and conferences.

Many presentations and workshops are now available online and on DiscoverChange YouTube channel.

we take business development very seriously

If your organisation is focused on providing excellent value to customers and stakeholders, you have a huge audience waiting to buy from you! Could it be the time to make a bigger impact NOW?

Watch this 7-minute video and discover 5 steps on how to accelerate achieving your big vision.


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We provide a range of business development and consulting that help leaders to transform their business efficiently. Get in touch for more information:


Phone: +44 121 405 4005

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