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Susanne's Bio

Susanne Virtanen is the founder of DiscoverChange and for over 15 years she has worked in positions involving team management, business coaching and consulting, personal development coaching, and digital business transformation.


Her particular areas of interest and passion include cultivating a growth mindset, leveraging individual and team strengths, and implementing changes and improvements strategically and efficiently.

Susanne has a versatile working background in management, teaching 20+ subjects in Further Education, and training teachers, workplace managers and teams. She's qualified in teaching, training and change management, with a first-class management degree studied across four countries. She has always been passionate about promoting transformational leadership, embracing change, and creating and maintaining an enjoyable work atmosphere.

Susanne has delivered public talks and workshops to a wide range of audiences including businesses and teams, charities, colleges, universities, and numerous virtual events. She's passionate about providing increased opportunities for young people, starting early to develop and inspire the future generation of leaders.

"Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world."

Talks & Training Areas

✓  Digital innovation

✓  Digital entrepreneurship

✓  Transformational leadership

✓  Personal branding

✓  Team development

✓  Innovative online education


Susanne's Volunteering

✓  EmployabilityUK

✓  Manchester Metropolitan University

✓  Wolverhampton University

✓  Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences

✓  Yes Group Personal Development Events

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