What Our Clients Say

At DiscoverChange we support businesses to accelerate change, innovation and development. Our bespoke programmes, consultations and done-for-you systems are focused on improving branding, marketing, sales and fulfilment.

"I signed a contract with DiscoverChange because I was struggling to get new clients. We began with an intensive half day session during which Susanne asked me everything about my business and through discussion led me to a clear map of my sales funnel; helped me clarify my product offer; priced up my service packages. Susanne and Edward helped me to create an effective marketing strategy, improved my website, created me a Facebook page and online training platform, set up a lead generation and 121 booking process, and even provided 121 support in my live workshops. They also helped to schedule professional and branded posts, and I got my first enquiry almost immediately. If you run a business by yourself and are struggling to get more customers, I would recommend DiscoverChange, Susanne and Edward. Great job guys, thank you!"

—  Ellen Mukwewa

Reviewing Bespoke Development Package


Overall, the experience of working with DiscoverChange on this project has been excellent. The communication and project management has been excellent, but also the delivery of the workshops at a level that really engaged all the individuals who took part. The level of individual support has been excellent, with all delegates getting one-to-one support and drop-in sessions, enabling them to create their content effectively. That flexibility was very important, and that the project management allowed everything to be delivered on time – and on budget. The best part was seeing the final digital content published and uploaded to YouTube, and seeing certain individuals really blossom through the project.

Mark Penny, Educational Consultant

Reviewing 121 consulting programme


“What DiscoverChange has supported us with has been invaluable. In the beginning, we weren’t entirely sure of what our journey would look like but with DiscoverChange the path became clear. We needed to digitalise and automate our business processes in order to deal with the demand and support our customers more effectively. We needed to increase our presence online through having a website and social media channels to engage with our customers and prospects. Throughout the project, we have been pushed out of our comfort zones which have been extremely eye-opening and have generated more customers. Through having the weekly meetings with DiscoverChange they derived the thoughts in our minds into processes that we didn’t know were possible. The final result of the project was really emotional to look at. Our business is now in a place where we can really scale it without the limitation of not having the systems in place. We would recommend DiscoverChange to any business. They are the best at what they do!”

Amwazia and Kapasa Chanda, U2FX Mastery

Reviewing 121 consulting programme


“After 6 years of doing everything manually, we wanted to be able to automate as much of the business as possible to grow and scale the business. It has been really great to work with DiscoverChange over the past 6 months in which we have created a platform that we can use to share online swimming tutorials and an online automated booking system for us to be able to manage all our clients and monitor their journey which will save us a lot of time. Having these systems in place will allow us to help more people break down their barriers with water and let them enjoy life to its full potential.

Working with DiscoverChange has been a real gamechanger for our business and having the ongoing support has been really refreshing. I would highly recommend DiscoverChange to anyone that’s looking to implement new processes and scale their business.”

Katalina Smalley, Second Nature Swimming

Reviewing 121 consulting programme


“Working with DiscoverChange has been such a beautiful experience and I have had an amazing time. Straight away I had an instant connection with Susanne and deciding to work with her was a no-brainer and has been transformational. I had loads of ideas in my head but had no idea how to make them a reality. Within a short period of time, I have been able to develop my business into 1 platform which has provided me with great clarity and confidence allowing me to be seen as a professional and connect with like-minded people. I would defiantly recommend DiscoverChange to anybody looking to develop their skills and those looking to make serious improvements in their business and be available to a global market.”

Funmi Adewumi, SelectiveLife

Reviewing 121 consulting programme


“I’ve been online for a few years now and have wanted to give back but had no idea how to do so until I met DiscoverChange. Working with them to create a clear strategy to get the job done made the whole process so much easier. As a result of the project, I’ve been able to launch a range of products to help people get themselves online with their own eCommerce company. One of the best things about working with DiscoverChange is how easy they made the whole process, and being able to take ideas stuck in my head and turn them into a reality is fantastic and will allow me to go from strength to strength. I’d recommend DiscoverChange to anyone looking to take action in their business.”

Rakesh Parmar, The Smart Foundations

Reviewing Digitalisation Project


"The team at EmployabilityUK were looking to develop an online tool to better support our learners on their journey to employment and also provide resource and information to our existing volunteers. Susanne and Ed put together a clear strategy on how this would be done and kept us involved throughout the development journey, with regular feedback throughout. It has been a fantastic experience working with the DiscoverChange team and the completed project reflects the vision we had for the Portal. Di Vernon said “We would highly recommend DiscoverChange to any business organisation looking to develop their online platforms. They completely understand the brief and deliver a fantastic end product”.


Reviewing 121 consulting programme


"This has been a really good experience for me. It was well worth the investment as I’ve had so much support and guidance, literally week to week progress. The accountability has been very effective. I’ve built my first digital course, and it was superfast to launch it! I started making money from it straight away. It’s been a relief to get all the digital processes, pages and integrations sorted, and for me it has been the least amount of effort...”

Suman Manghra, Manifestation Maven

Reviewing 121 consulting programme


“It has been a very rewarding journey working with DiscoverChange. I wanted to join the programme to be able to give back the knowledge and experience I have gained to others and DiscoverChange has helped me to do that with a range of different digital processes. I now have a range of online courses, automated email followups and am leveraging my social media platforms. The consistent meetings and ‘homework’ has been really helpful for the development of both me and my business. I would highly recommend DiscoverChange to anyone looking to improve their business.”

Satish Mehta, Praxis Consulting

Reviewing 121 consulting programme


"I’d highly recommend this business development programme for others. I’ve had the idea of my networking business concept for a while but I didn’t know how to commercialise it. I attended Susanne’s branding and digital marketing workshop; it blew my mind and could see how passionate she is about helping individual businesses. So now having worked with DiscoverChange, I’ve organised numerous events and I have my website and a membership platform for subscription, meaning my business is now scalable, even to become nationwide! That means I can help many more HR directors and consequently their employees. It’s been really useful to have our regular meetings and phone calls and how you really understand my business. I don’t think I would have had the traction and success without DiscoverChange, thank you!"

Sarah Potter, Director of Peer Genius 

Reviewing Susanne's Consulting

"I've had the immense pleasure of both working alongside Susanne and watching her at work delivering workshops, speaking, training and coaching. Susanne was until recently a key leadership team member of the Yes Group West Midlands of which I'm the Chairman. She has exceptional organisational, management and leadership skills which contributed to the significant growth and popularity of the organisation. She's a consumate professional who consistently over-delivers. Susanne is also a highly accomplished public speaker and again it's been a pleasure sharing the stage with her at several speaking engagements including Pathway Group and at the launch of Ignite Hub. She has a powerful presence and creates an engaging and enjoyable experience for her audiences. If you want a business leader, who has depth and character to present to your organisation then Susanne is your lady. Highly recommended. 5 Stars."

Shukeel Chohan, Speaker & Coach

Reviewing 1-2-1 Consulting Programme


"Over the past few months of working with Susanne and Ed at Discover Change, I've made more progress with regards to understanding my brand and how to help my ideal clients find me than I've made in the last 6 years I've been in business! Susanne makes the branding and marketing process not only simple but also fun and I've thoroughly enjoyed my meetings and calls with her. In my experience, working with a business coach can be a bit stressful but the Discover Change experience has been completely the opposite for me and has shown me a model of working with clients that I hope to emulate with my own. If you are feeling a bit "stuck" with regards to your business, I would recommend getting in touch with Susanne without delay: unsticking businesses is definitely her speciality! Thanks guys"

Caroline Bublik, Life Coaching

Reviewing 1-2-1 Consulting Programme


"In my e-commerce business I train and mentor other leaders. I didn't know how to progress further to what I wanted it become. I approached Susanne because it felt like she could help me with the business development. I needed my professional emails, website, content, videos, and Susanne helped and pushed me to do these things. Susanne is very different from others - she's set weekly targets and helped to achieve them. We've kept contact every week and she's physically helped me to set all the processes up and made sure I'm okay with everything. All the things alien to me before, such as event promotion and Facebook advertising, I now use in my business. I definitely would recommend DiscoverChange for other businesses!"

Tuyyabah Amjid, Business Franchise Consultant

Reviewing 1-2-1 Consulting Program

"I have been working with DiscoverChange for nearly 2 years now. DiscoverChange has helped TalentsBrand to implement so many processes in order to effect smart working as well as generating more leads thereby increasing income. Among many processes they have implemented for us are; Email marketing which was set up via Mailchimp and linked it to our website. They also worked on our Facebook page ensuring we follow the right marketing strategies. They did a remarkable work on our training platform. This was created from the scratch and now we have started making sales from this platform. Another great work by DiscoverChange was the face lift out our website which now looks professional and fit for purpose. Overall, DiscoverChange are highly professional in their dealings. They are passionate about their work with great attention to details. They have always worked to ensure that the solution provided fit your business needs. I also believe that their prices are highly competitive. I will recommend DiscoverChange if you are looking to transform your business digitally with process that works."

Favour Bolaji, Coach & Trainer

Reviewing 1-2-1 Consulting Program

"Susanne and I have worked together a few times. I chose Susanne as my coach because I needed someone strong enough to work with my personality. She has definitely managed to hold my attention and keep me focused. She is very skilled and knowledgeable and not afraid to go deep. Highly recommend."

Shanta Allen, Personal Life Coach

Reviewing 1-2-1 Consulting Program

"I was introduced to Susanne last Summer. I was at a stage in my life where I knew I wanted to make some significant changes both personally and business wise. I started with the 'Personal Development Coaching Program for Self-Discovery & Fulfillment' programme one to one. I then progressed on to 'Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur' which I am currently in the process of doing.

Suffice to say Susanne has encouraged me, inspired me, forced me out of my comfort zone and regularly given me a good metaphorical push! Her training is excellent, her communication style energetic and she is just generally amazing. Hand on heart, working with Susanne for the last 6 - 8 months has been life changing and I shall be forever grateful."

Anne Wallis, Project & Events Management

Reviewing Online Branding Workshop


"Susanne Virtanen has such passion to develop business leaders. She has the great gift of making the development of a business strategy fun and exciting in order to generate great self belief to explode our businesses - thank you so much for making such a difference."

Lizzy Bernthal, Speaker & Coach


Reviewing 1-2-1 business development


"Susanne and her team have a phenomenal support to me in turning my passion into a business. She is so passionate about what she does that it invariably rubs off on you. Her knowledge and encouragement have really helped me to gain clarity and push me forward in my business ventures. I feel so comfortable talking to her and expressing my ideas. Knowing she is just a phone call away for that quick pep talk and check in, is invaluable."

Janet Ellis, Parenting Coach

Reviewing 1-2-1 Consulting Program


"The 121 business strategy with Susanne was very strategic and the way she delivered it was fun and interactive. I've learnt how to price and package my coaching and programs, and how to profit from them. The sales funnel we created for my services makes it really clear what I need to do and focus on. This session is a great opportunity to get clarity and personalised assistance with growing a business."

Hannah Kupoluyi, Women's Empowerment Coaching

Accelerating Business Change & Innovation

DiscoverChange consulting and development solutions accelerate business change, innovation and growth. Development helps businesses strategically and efficiently transform aspects of the organisation, with the aim to streamline processes and optimise leadership performance.

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Susanne Virtanen

Director of DiscoverChange