Change Is Here!

Digital development, transformation and growth can be easy and quick when we use the right strategies and processes. We support entrepreneurs and businesses to bring their big business ideas and digital growth goals to life. Our commitment is to fast-track digital development and transformation, enabling businesses to strategise, streamline and scale online efficiently and without unnecessary stress or guesswork.

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Fast-Track Your Online Growth

We provide a range of business growth projects, done-for you systems and digital development solutions, including:

Business Strategy & Planning

✓ Digital Development & Transformation

✓ Digital Education Creation Projects

✓ Personal Branding Tools & Workshops

✓ Done-for-You Systems for Scaling Online

✓ Bespoke & Branded Sales Funnels

✓ Online Business Growth Workshops

✓ Digital Training & One-to-One Support

✓ Personal Development Resources

Leader & Team Development Coaching

Change Is Happening Now!

Running your own business can bring freedom, flexibility and fun into your lifestyle. To achieve this, it's important to structure and grow your business strategically, and now during the times we live in, adapting to the digital world is crucial for sustainable business growth. In DiscoverChange we support leaders and businesses to streamline and digitalise many parts of their business so that they can enjoy continued growth and expansion - while providing great value for their customers and clients.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the way globally in business innovation and bring transformational personal development into the world of business



We help leaders and organisations implement solutions and processes that are focused on improving and transforming stakeholder experience and engagement



To help organisations achieve their innovation and development goals, DiscoverChange facilitate a range of strategy sessions, design and deliver workshops and bespoke programmes, create done-for-you digital systems, and provide a range of online training and resources.

"Hope Is Not A Strategy"

Go Digital with a Sustainable Strategy

We've worked with many leaders, organisations, teams and charities to "go digital" in a structured, efficient and enjoyable way, enabling them to reach and cater for bigger client bases online. This is often through improving online visibility, enhancing or expanding product offering, targeted lead generation, creating digital products, and automated marketing and sales processes. This approach is great when you want to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. Most importantly, we fast-track making important changes in your business, the kinds of changes that bring you the results you really want.

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Free event:
digital Growth Strategies

Do you have ideas about doing something online? Perhaps creating a new product or course, or taking on a new strategic approach to marketing and sales? While this is exciting and ideas can be flying, sometimes it can be challenging to get going or to execute the ideas fully. In this free and informative webinar, you will discover an easily implementable process to build, grow and scale your business online.

"Don't Be The Best Kept Secret!"

Meet The Team


Susanne Virtanen


Director & Business Development Consultant

Susanne is the founder of DiscoverChange, facilitating a range of business development and innovation projects and workshops in the UK and internationally.


David Boot

Director of Development

David has extensive background in training and management, and his specialism lies in designing and facilitating robust development programmes that get the best out of people.


Vanessa Bernard

Business Development Manager

Nessa is passionate about helping people succeed and she is responsible for liaising with clients and partners and managing a range of business innovation projects.


Edward Garner

Digital Development Coordinator

Ed is the digital wizard of DiscoverChange, helping our clients design and implement digital processes and systems that maximise efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our Values


At DiscoverChange we embrace innovation as an opportunity to grow and learn, and to create and maintain excellent relationships with everyone involved in the business. In today’s dynamic environment, innovation should be at the heart of all businesses, and we are dedicated to integrating smart digital technologies with providing the best possible stakeholder experience.

Personal Development

Business success can only be created by the people working within it, and personal development is an essential ingredient to maximising people’s potential and productivity. We are committed to enhancing individual, team and organisational effectiveness with innovative and modern development tools and resources, enabling highly efficient progress towards goals and targets.


Through effective and respectful communication, business growth is limitless! Organisations can create positive difference in people’s lives, and the world, when we enhance the collaboration between leaders, staff, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders. By focusing on unleashing team potential, we can easily adjust to changing markets and create long-term business success.