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Accelerate Business Change, Innovation & Growth

empowering positive change

DiscoverChange provides transformational business development solutions and training that help to accelerate business change, innovation and growth.


Development areas include:

  • Strategic business planning 

  • Branding, marketing and sales

  • Leadership and team development

  • Digitalisation and done-for-you processes

DiscoverChange organises workshops, masterminds, corporate training, done-for-you business packages, online courses,121 consulting and bespoke business change projects.

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accelerate business change!

Susanne Virtanen (Founder & Lead Business Development Consultant) and her team have worked with a range of organisations in facilitating training and development. This includes micro, medium and large businesses, charitable organisations, and universities and education establishments.

Susanne’s innovative and thought-provoking facilitation approach provides an abundance of immediately implementable methods for creating positive change and transformation in business.

Projects & programs

Susanne Virtanen is the Lead Business Development Consultant at DiscoverChange. She facilitates a range of workshops:

  • 2-8 Hour Group Workshops

  • 1-2-1 Leader Consultations

  • Leadership Development Workshops

  • Business Strategy & Succession Planning Sessions

  • Career & Leader Development Online Assessments

  • Design & Facilitate Bespoke Development Programs

  • Online Training & Coaching Courses

our Values


Real positive and long-lasting change and improvement happens most effectively when people are committed to sharing and accepting honest feedback. This fast-tracks progress and change and ensures there is clarity and understanding of business and personal objectives.


In order to survive and thrive, all businesses must innovate on their strategy and approach in order to ensure they keep changing with the changing demands of the world. People have tremendous ideas for improvement, and in the dynamic and changing world we live in, collaborating and developing better ways of working is crucial for achieving the business vision.

transformational Leadership

Leaders are the changemakers and our mission is to support and develop highly effective and inspirational leaders who can confidently motivate and direct their teams in their most natural and authentic way. With the right support, leaders can impel change in all aspects of an organisation.

Collaborative Culture

Effective collaboration is the key to organisational success and it entices all stakeholders involved, from employees and customers to partners and investors. Respectful and inclusive communication enables the achievement of organisational objectives efficiently and enjoyably.

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