• Susanne Virtanen

How to set good business goals and actually achieve them?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

There’s always a lot of discussion about setting goals and “going after your dreams”, and with the right approach, mindset and strategy, it's possible to achieve your ambitions with ultimate efficiency and enjoyment! But let’s face it, most people never achieve their goals and dreams. Sad, but true.

You must NOT accept this in your situation, but rather do whatever it takes to achieve and live your dream lifestyle – that should be the philosophy behind EVERY GOAL you set. Of course you should not feel guilty if you haven’t yet achieved your goals – rather just learn from them quickly so that NOW we can implement the necessary actions to get there quickly.

But before setting any goals and creating massive stressful to-do-lists, it’s important to actually discuss HOW TO SET GOALS and WHY.

Through life now, you have done a lot of things. And through doing things, you have discovered what you do NOT want – because frankly it just pisses you off. This is great, because it helps you to now identify what you DO want and what actually makes you happy.

Because what’s the point in doing anything, if you’re not going to feel good about achieving and having it…?

So many times I’ve persisted on achieving something, and then achieved it, just to end up realising I didn’t actually want it, or especially didn’t enjoy doing/having it. But the learning happened and I matured, just to realise that I should follow my gut instinct.

Classic example in business is: people want to achieve great success and wealth but actually have strong dislike towards paperwork, managing people, talking to clients, doing presentations, etc.

Note that if you have ANY resistance about your goal or come up with reasons why achieving your goal is going to cause you stress or pressure, YOU WILL NOT ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.

So, let’s set some business goals that MEAN something and create enthusiasm in you RIGHT NOW.

The following steps show how to approach goal setting, and once you’ve written your answers, you will have immediate meaningful priorities that are much easier to achieve than a never-ending to-do-list!