• Susanne Virtanen

How To Create an Automated Sales Process?

Automating your sales process online is one of the best solutions to save time and resources - and it enables you to grow and expand with ease and efficiency. You can do this to a product or service, or even an entirely bespoke package or programme you offer.

With so many different systems and processes available to use for your customer’s journey online, it can take a lot of time and effort to facilitate it manually or physically. However, if the entire sales process was automated, it would not only make your product’s sales process smoother but also more effective and less reliant on your day-to-day manual inputs.

Automating a sales process includes 7 steps:

Step 1 - Have a Product or Service to Sell Online

Having a solid offer or service in place that you ultimately want people to buy or subscribe for, ideally available to be purchased online. This could be a product, service, course, package or another solution presented on your website.

Step 2 - Create a Free Taster

Create a short information piece, in other words a taster, to provide valuable information or tools for your target audience. This could be, for example, a free guide, a short video, or a live or evergreen webinar that ends with promoting your main offer (step 1). This should have an intriguing and value-driven headline, for example something that starts with "5 Steps to Transform Your…". Your topic should be focused on your specialism and it needs to be relevant to the service that you will be offering (step 1).

Step 3 - Create a Landing Page

Create a landing page that promotes your free taster (step 2). The page should also include a short description of your taster, giving a solid reason for downloading or accessing your resource. Remember what your customer wants and needs and tailor the message according to this. Anyone who now lands on this page can enter their email address, meaning you can start building your list of interested leads and buyers. Adding an eye-catching or relevant image can make all the difference in bringing your landing page to life.