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Mission to Support Changemakers - Quick Peek to What We Do & Why

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

As we tend to be involved in multiple projects, many have been asking what do I actually do... As we work with a variety of businesses, it's maybe not the easiest to summarise in a few words, so I thought to share a few examples with you.

In short, I'm a business development consultant, and with my team we've helped many businesses to digitalise their business processes, such as marketing systems and training courses. Our focus is on supporting driven and ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers to create a bigger impact in their field, and we help to streamline customer engagement processes so that they can grow, scale and reach new heights!

I also deliver all kinds of business-related training, recent examples:

- Public workshops on personal branding

- Corporate change management training

- Online workshops for business leaders

- Career development workshops at schools and universities

I have always been passionate about supporting others, and myself of course, to achieve their goals - especially in their careers or businesses. I have always loved working and see it as a means for fulfillment, and I get lots of satisfaction for resolving complex challenges involving people and processes.

I built my business particularly because I felt constrained by certain rules and bureaucracy that don't always focus on appreciating and respecting people and their potential. Rather, I find some systems don't recognise how creative and brilliant people are. And if we could use better ways to work better together, imagine what the world would be like!

So instead of holding back and waiting for other people to come up with solutions for this, I've created a lot of immediate and innovative ways to just get on with it and get the improvement done. Through streamlined systems and effective training.

...Hence our tagline: "Accelerating business change, innovation and development!"

Most importantly, I'm really pleased to be working with such a great team who are ready for any challenge!

There have certainly been many challenges to overcome. For example, a few years ago I invested in a business franchise and when they went bust all of a sudden, I thought about "going back to a normal job". Thankfully after getting some excellent advice, I recreated everything, persisted, and it's certainly been a great adventure. I've been able to work with prestigious nationwide companies, schools, amazing trainers and leaders, charities, even overseas universities!

Now in one of my online courses I share how to build a unique personal brand, because I know that with the right strategies and mindset each leader (and anyone!) has the potential to create big positive change in the world and actually do whatever they want! And in the course I share a powerful yet simple system to GET THIS DONE.

I’m passionate about helping more leaders – especially the ambitious changemakers who want to create positive change in our community and the world. And with such a mission myself, I completely understand how challenging it can be to realise those ambitious life-changing goals!

I've learnt that sometimes chaos creates a quick path to make the required changes, and actually achieving your goals is quicker than you might think. I reckon the "deep end" is one of the best places to learn quickly! Just don't get comfortable in there...

Anyway... Whatever you want to do in life, just do it. Life is a great adventure and even work can be truly enjoyable and fulfilling when you invest some time and resources in discovering who you really are and what your greatest passion or source of fun is...!

Your Vision is Our Mission!

We are full of joy to see our clients build their brand and business, examples of the types of work we’ve supported our clients with include:

Peer Genius – Sarah Potter wanted to create a brand new business networking concept for HR directors, and we created a bespoke digital platform for Sarah’s customers. This included an online membership programme with access to 121 coaching, industry news and interviews and articles, along with professionally branded membership and sponsorship packages for a range of partners.

EmpowerMe Coaching – Pam Shergill wanted to advance her coaching business by providing online coaching programmes with clear packaging and pricing, automated sales potential, and sellable workbooks. We supported Pam to create keynotes and presentations and automated sales funnels with improved online presence, social media ads, email marketing, online products and videos.

Many more customer testimonials are available at:

Put it All in Place Now!

Developing a powerful plan and implementing it with ultimate productivity can be quick and enjoyable – exactly what our mission is to provide for ambitious and driven leaders. Our online resources and workshops have helped many business leaders accelerate their progress and growth – especially in reaching their ideal clients.

Browse our online courses:

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