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Unleash Your Potential – Time to Start is Now!

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I’ve always been going after my dreams and goals, sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully! And whatever I do, I try to enjoy it or at least find lots of positives, no matter what. Now I'd love to share some strategies with you to really accelerate your personal and business development!

But, after lots of travelling and building my business and team, it's interesting to hear how some people think I've got some unstoppable confidence because I've been able to achieve that. Sometimes I've even been told how "annoying my positivity is"... And when I encourage others to do something great with their lives, some say "it's not as easy for me as for you Susanne" or “I just don’t have the time for it”.

I can safely tell you, pursuing my aspirations is not about confidence or ‘having more time’, it's about understanding and focusing on my vision. It’s about having respect towards my wellbeing and that of others – and therefore building ways to be the best I can, and support others in what I’m passionate about.

So let's explore how you can develop and achieve your vision, if you want to. All I've been really doing is pursuing and discovering my own potential – especially with the help of personal development and having several mentors. And the more I discover my potential, the more I've been able to help others do that too... With the right approach, you truly can enjoy your desired results much quicker.

But don't you sometimes think that the phrases 'unleash your potential' or 'be the best you' are a bit vague, pink and fluffy? I think so. Mainly because hardly anyone knows how to actually implement it in their lives. And it goes way beyond just "being positive and confident".

What does it actually mean to unleash your potential?

It is about identifying that you want and deserve something bigger and better, something you don't yet possess but keep thinking about. Almost every day or hour. Better relationship, better body, better job, better finances, better balance, better support, better everything...

But then, to move on, you must accept your limitations and accept that in order to accomplish your desires, you need to first identify and remove the problems in your head. You can't force yourself to just be confident - it comes through seeing progress and results.

Most people skip this "problem-removal" step assuming that if they just work harder, they will achieve their goals. Most of the time they end up in the same situation as before, just more tired and frustrated. And the cycle goes on.

Ultimately, it's actually quite simple to step out of the cycle of denial. For some it takes minutes, for some it takes decades. The battle with your ego.

The only reason you don't yet have something you want is your own resistance. If you resist any aspect of your desire or have a negative thought about, you are most likely not going to achieve it or at least progressing towards it can be very slow and long.

The question really is:

Have you had enough of one or more aspects or problems in your life...? So much so that you are going to step out of your comfort zone and do something different that challenges you?

Unleashing your potential can be somewhat summarised in the following process:

- Realise something needs to change

- Accept that the change is very positive

- Be ok with the fact that you don't yet know how to get there, but that help is available

- Explore your options and why you really want to achieve this desire

- Get clear on your desire and vision for life

- Evaluate who you allow to influence in your life and decisions

- Write your vision and goals down regularly

- Learn how to leverage your personality, character, strengths and even weaknesses

- Accept the fact that you must learn new skills and discipline to achieve what you want

- You can fast track your growth and progress by having a coach, especially who has achieved something similar

- Attend seminars, read books, go on courses, mingle with people who are where you want to go

- Ask lots of questions, be curious and actually listen to the responses. Listening is learning.

- Be prepared to wait patiently for the results, while never compromising on your integrity

All my life I was told I talk too much. But this perceived weakness is actually a strength (at least in some circles!). I now speak and train in many places, really leveraging what comes naturally to me. So leave all negative nonsense said by others behind you and move forward.

Yeah, so why bother with all this work?

Indeed, that's a question to ask yourself: Why bother with what's on the other side? What drives you? What dreams do you have? What makes you enjoy life the most? Wouldn't it be nice to experience those?

My first coach told me that my current life situation is the sum of my thoughts, words and actions. I didn't believe him, trying to explain how I didn't have enough money and how some childhood events had a major impact on my confidence and ability to play big.

And the more words I put out, the more I could hear my own excuses that were really the only limiting factor to achieve what I wanted. It's amazing how many irrational thoughts we humans have, trying to desperately make us look good in all situations. STOP IT.

My message and encouragement to you is to break through your own resistance. If you feel you have a lot of frustrations, stresses and constant challenges, then I urge you to pay attention to how you perceive yourself and other people. If you keep having the same problems, over and over again, then it's just life's way of showing you that you haven't yet learnt your lessons. And the time to learn those important lessons is right now – NOW is the time to enjoy life as much as possible. And when you start today, in a couple of days you will start to see the positive results – guaranteed!

From now on pay attention to how you speak and think and start flagging up your own negative thoughts: when the flag is up, you do not proceed! Change one negative thought to a positive one at a time and you will eventually get rid of all your resistance.

For this you need to learn not to let other people's emotional state create and control your emotional state. The only competition you have in this life is the one with yourself, and it's not really a competition... It's a massively exciting adventure if you so choose!

So to start unleashing your potential, write in detail what your 'perfect day' is like, and take this seriously, and you will come to see what really matters in life...

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