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Using Tags In Email Marketing - What Does It Mean?

When it comes to implementing an email marketing system into a business, it’s important to think about how to manage the customer’s journey and experience right from the start. With email marketing, it’s possible to create specific tags that identify the customer demographics, interests and preferences.

It’s all well and good setting up the system to collect leads, but what happens when they are in your database? Do they all just go into a single list and receive the same content? Wouldn’t it be better if you personalised their experience based on what they want?

Most if not all email marketing systems will give you the opportunity to create tags that you can use to create different databases for the different types of leads. For example, some may sign up for a specific newsletter or offer of yours, and this behaviour would be ‘tagged’ in the email marketing system. From this, you can then automatically send each lead the content that they want to see, which will increase your chances of turning them from a lead to a paying customer.

Through using tags there is no limit to the level of refinement you can obtain for each lead. For example, if your business is service based in multiple locations, you could set up your system to tag those at the different locations. You could also use the tags to identify who’s purchased from you, and even what they’ve purchased. This information could be used to send relevant offers and upsells that may be of interest to the customer.

There are many benefits to using tags in email marketing - it helps you to follow up with ultimate efficiency and provide valuable information and offers to your leads and customers. At DiscoverChange we’ve supported many businesses streamline and enhance their email marketing system, helping to maximise engagement and sales potential. Let us know if you would like to explore and discuss what an email marketing system would look like for you!

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