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What Is Digital Development?

Digital development has many meanings, but in a nutshell, it's about identifying and developing processes online that help you to grow and scale your business strategically. This could include:

  • Targeted lead generation from social media

  • New refined brand and products on a website or social media business pages

  • Sales funnel pages to upsell digital programmes or products

  • Automated email follow-up and marketing

  • Online course creation and automated fulfilment

  • Refined product ladder to offer clients a range of valuable solutions

  • Automated customer onboarding with resources and scheduling appointments

  • Affiliation integration to make sales and earn commissions from other business' products

When is digital development necessary?

You may have had your business for a while now, running it the same way, and getting the same results, and things become mundane! You may want to free up more time to be able to concentrate on your expertise within the business. Let's face it - doing everything manually can lead you to burn out and not accomplishing your desired outcome within the business. This may be the time to expand your business, reach customers that you may not have been able to reach before. By implementing some or all of the above digital strategies you can and will most certainly push your business in the right direction.

Examples of digital development

There are a variety of processes we've supported leaders and businesses to create. These strategically designed processes have helped to streamline and scale their marketing and sales processes.

Some of this digital development includes:

Second Nature Swimming joined DiscoverChange's digital transformation programme to maximise their business potential online, making their services readily available for their clients with a 24/7 booking system. With the automated follow-up and customer support, Second Nature Swimming is enabling faster and more efficient growth and importantly - saving a great deal of time and resources in marketing, selling and fulfilling their services.

We also had the pleasure of working with U2FX Mastery and what an incredible journey it had been! Prior to working with DiscoverChange, U2FX already had a large customer base but were unsure of the next steps to take within their business journey as well as the best ways to continue supporting all of their customers in an automated way instead of with the manual processes they were using. Since taking on the Business Automation Project, the transition from manual to automated process has been invaluable alongside support with social media and content creation. Most of their marketing and service fulfilment processes are now automated. With the weekly 121 support, they have gained extensive clarity on what the next move was to take the business further. These digital developments have allowed them to continue to expand their business in a manageable and sustainable way which wouldn’t have been possible before.

SelectiveLife joined the DiscoverChange 121 business development programme, and for 5 months we built a bespoke online education platform and streamlined her online marketing and sales process. Her first online event had nearly 50 attendees, with guest speakers to share their expertise with her audience. Selective Life now has online workshops to sell, which we helped to record, edit and publish. What a great few months it was!

Discover More Testimonials Here:

How can digital development help you grow or transform?

Digital development can help you grow and transform your business in unimaginable ways. When the operations of a business are digitalised, it helps in providing more efficient and valuable service, making better savings and increased sales. This could be, for example, the design and implementation of a new customer or staff support system, a new digital lead generation process, and automation of marketing, sales and fulfilment.

It is said that "the only thing that is constant is change". And with digital technology getting better, you can leverage it to make your business a true success - with limitless growth potential!

Since digital technology reduces manual input, allowing you to concentrate on your expertise, processes become faster and error-free. Imagine how amazing it would be if "the days in the office" ran smoothly and without the tech frustration, and with a solid stream of qualified customers and partners coming in. Technology can be your best friend in business when used correctly and strategically!

Accelerate Your Online Growth

Elevate your business growth and customer acquisition with this intensive Business Strategy & Branding Masterclass. Develop absolute consistency, clarity and confidence in your building and growing your business! This bundle is designed for ambitious leaders or business owners who want to create immediate clarity, confidence and processes to elevate and grow their business. Now you will be able to easily and immediately reach your target customers! It’s time to eliminate the guesswork and take meaningful, specific and focused action – it’s YOUR time to shine!

Are you ready to take the next step?

Some may resonate with the above, and you may feel a little overwhelmed, but I promise you, once you have the right guidance and tools the bigger picture will become a lot clearer. You and your clients will definitely see the change in the way processes are done; you certainly do not need to be “Tech-savvy”. We will guide you in the right direction to accomplishing your business goals and creating the fulfilling life you have always dreamed of!

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