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Digitalising your business processes is for the benefit of your customers, not just you!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Many people and businesses have lots of ideas and plans to "do something online".

Some don't have any ideas but they know they "should be doing something online".

And in many cases comprehensive digitalisation is unfortunately left at idea level. Shame - technology could actually be your BEST friend in business.

The good news is that it's not necessary to transform the whole business, perhaps just some specific marketing and fulfillment activities that add value to your customer's journey and make business growth easier.

Whatever the scenario in your business, it doesn't actually really matter what you want, or what you think you should or shouldn't do online. What matters is: what does the marketplace need right now? Who are they responding to? What are they buying?

Having a strategic online approach means lots of different things, and the strategy and outcome is different for each business, because the design should simply focus on providing the best possible value to Your marketplace and customers in a way that best suits them. Can you provide something better and more unique than others? Of course you can, but only if you showcase it and package it in the right way, especially online, so that your products and services can be easily understood and bought.

The businesses that enjoy the most sustainable and consistent success are the ones that expand their offering strategically and use scalable tools to provide great value for their customers - and with certain technologies you can even be reached and bought from 24/7! Don't contract, expand!

Some people actually think that 'doing stuff online is a scam' or that others may think 'you're a scammer'. (Yes, scammers exist, but so do they in all industries.) Well the question really is this: do You regularly buy online? Do you search for information, items or services that may help you in achieving something? Of course you do, the world is on your fingertips, literally.

And there are people continuously looking online for the solutions that You provide!

Simply put, if you're not one of the options for them to buy, then the opportunity and customer goes to someone else, not you.

If you were to do anything online, it should start by providing some simple tips, advice and guidance to your target audience - helping them to resolve an immediate issue or challenge.

This could be in the form of a workshop or mini course, it could be an eBook, or it could be a monthly membership of £10. Wouldn't you pay £10 every month if it helped you avoid or resolve some major problems?

We have supported many organisations to streamline and digitalise their customer acquisition and engagement, and it's refreshing to see how much time and resources our clients save through effective use of customer engagement technologies. Digitalisation is about doing things better and more efficiently, so that you can spend the time doing what you do best and enjoy the most.

Don't complicate the purpose of "going online". It's simply there to help you share your positive message and helpful advice, so that other people can fast track their growth and progress in whatever they want to achieve. That's exactly what your business is about: giving value to people and helping them reach their goals and desires!

All businesses should simply strive to make promotion and sales easy and quick, and that's exactly what digitalising a business and brand is all about - making growth and scaling easy for you and your team!

Going online and digitalising the most essential parts of your branding, marketing, sales and product fulfillment, is simply a tool for you to better reach and engage with your target audience. The ones who accept and adapt to this are the ones who continue to learn from challenges, build resilience, provide better value, and ensure sustainability and longevity of the business.

Here are some simple ideas for reinventing and innovating on your customer engagement:

Before & After:

  • From Florist with a shop… to… Providing a 4-week online course on flower arrangements + upselling home deliveries for celebrations

  • From Accountant for 20… Providing a course with a step-by-step guide and bitesize videos for completing annual accounts and tax return + upselling one-to-one consulting

  • From Driving… Maintaining a YouTube channel with instructional videos + promoting a specific driving centre or app

  • From Charity with a call Providing bitesize videos, online workshops and resources on different topics + submission of applications for one-to-one or group support

  • From large organisation delivering face-to-face staff induction and… Providing a drip fed and automated online induction and training + career pathway steps with progress tracker

Opportunities are endless, and the more creative you are the better!

So could "going online" be your thing? Absolutely if you are ready to give your customers all the benefits of working with you right now! They are waiting for you, so how much longer are you going to wait until you go digital properly and show what you're really about?

Our mission is to simplify this process as much as possible with a wealth of resources and guidance, including online courses, 121 strategy and support sessions, and bespoke done-for-you digital engagement platforms.

Customer feedback can be found here:

We accelerate business development and innovation and strive to make the digitalisation process as much fun as possible. We love seeing the journey our customers and specialists go on when they create their first or more advanced e-books, webinars and courses - talking about all the things that they are passionate about and that can also help other people with their quality of life and work Now. That's the real journey to career fulfilment - and a journey everyone deserves to experience!

DiscoverChange - Accelerating Innovation & Development

More information about DiscoverChange workshops, resources and mastermind meetings (+some of my presentations):

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